Old To New: Top Six Pop Singers

There are many stars who can sing as good as they can act. They are god gifted with both the qualities and they have done great struggle to recover there. Pop music is not a simple thing. The performer needs to be both audio-visually best to reach on the heights. Here is a list of those pop artists who are as good performers too. In this list, there are singers of all time including, Micheal Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Amen Ra, and many more. 

Micheal Jackson


There will not be a single person who loves music and dance and do not know the name of MJ. Micheal Jackson is known as the king of pop. He is one of the most loved celebrity. He sings, dances, write songs, compose songs, and a qualified actor too. 

It is not that before him none was singing or composing the pop songs, but he took the pop culture to another level. He is the one who reforms the pop culture and made it world famous once again. He has written and sang many beautiful songs like me and music, morning glow, with a child’s heart, and many more. 

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift got into country music at very young age. She has the god gift of a sweet voice and her songs are always overflown with emotions. The most amazing part about Swift’s songs is that you can feel yourself in between the song. 

Her songs make you feel like it is written for you only. You should never feel tired of listening to her songs, delicate, love story, gorgeous, wildest dreams, etc. 



Madonna is known as the queen of pop. She influenced many singers who appeared after her. Many of her fans fill that she is just non-comparable. She is the best female pop star ever.

Her creation of girl go wild, frozen, La Isla Bonita, etc. are the songs which you will love to listen for numerous times. 

Lady Gaga


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the real name for popular Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is the first female artist to nominated by Grammys and Emmys. She has one of the highest heels ever walked on the industry by a female artist. 

You will surely get mesmerized by her songs perfect illusion, your song, Grigio girl, and many more. 

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is the best-known actor for his role of Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Places. She has a beautiful voice too. She has the charm in her voice to mesmerize every one by her vocal skills. 

Her songs are very famous among teenagers. Some of the most popular songs of Selena are wolves, bad liar, same old love, good for you, kill em with kindness, the heart wants what it wants, etc.

Amen Ra

IMG_5362 copy (2).jpg

Amen has bought the Egyptian mythology to the pop culture. He is one of the youngest performer ever. Amen Ra is working on his debut pop album. He is mean to change the saga of pop culture. 

You should not miss his songs like rise up champion, gods, man you want, moon boy, etc. 


These are the top six singer cum performers you should not miss listening. Starting with MJ and Madonna to Amen Ra they all are just the best. You will surely fall in love with their songs once you listen.